We are a marketplace where healthcare is now as simple as it should be,booking a plane ticket,getting a rideshare,ordering food delivery

The Best Possibility

Orchestrating an intelligent marketplace that enables direct contracting and dynamic, bundled pricing with our curated network of local, regional and global providers.

Our Technology

We are using intelligent technlogies to reimagine health insurance.

Managed Hub

Provide an end-to-end solution with pricing, scheduling and tele-consult

Direct Contracting

Utilize our 350+ bundles or create your own

Optimized Programs

Realize attributable savings across key procedural focus areas

Make informed healthcare decisions with support from our care concierge squad.

Expanded Experience

Create packages with support from our care concierge squad

Curated Network

Access priced medical services from local, regional and global providers

Managed Finances

Achieve financial wellness through improved insight into pricing

Reimagining Health Insurance

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Our Solution

We deliver a powerful offering that is future-ready


A destination for healthcare
information and financial outcomes


A dynamically priced
global provider marketplace


A personalized management
and concierge service

Our Customers

Our solution creates attributable value for all stakeholders

We believe a new era requires new expectations. That's why we only have alliances with the pioneers looking to lower costs, not just move them around.
We are enabling direct contracting through our curated network, while exposing pricing of medical services. Now, you know what you pay before you pay. Crazy.
We are leading efforts to introduce contemporary payment models and insurance structures. It's the right technology and the right service.
We drive new volume from your own employers and carrier relationships to the best providers. We also pay direct and limit collections. Growth is our goal.

Our Story

Best in Class Care was born of the idea that everyone has a right to great healthcare. That health plans and employers shouldn't be restricted by region in helping people get the care they need. And that where you live or what you earn shouldn't limit the quality of care you get. Best in Class Care is a health platform built with one goal in mind: to make world-class healthcare affordable and available for all.

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